Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money teaches your students to meet the day-to-day challenges of spending, budgeting, banking, borrowing, and financial planning.

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Managing Money

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Why Managing Your Money?

A major part of stepping out of school and into adulthood is balancing income with spending. Your graduates need to be able to take control of their finance from Day 1 on the job. Will students be able to leave your classroom with the skills to manage their money?

Managing Your Money online provides practical personal money management lessons that guide students through the day-to-day issues of spending, budgeting, banking, borrowing, and financial planning.

Each of the 80 easy-to-follow lessons contains 10 concrete money management points with discussion and examples. With pre- and post-tests and a True/False assessment after every lesson, you can identify students’ money management strengths and weaknesses.

Try a Managing Your Money lesson for yourself, and you’ll appreciate the manner in which the program teaches personal finance. You can use Managing Your Money as an individualized learning experience or as a teacher directed activity.

Concrete Examples

Each of the 80 lessons contains ten concrete money management points with discussion and examples

Engaging Videos

Videos engage students in thinking about their personal money concerns.

Easy to Understand

Easy-to-understand lessons target money-related concerns of entry-level workers.

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Managing Money

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Lifestyle Budgeting

  • Understanding Your Paycheck
  • Setting up a Budget
  • Estimating Expenses
  • Recognizing Budget Problems
  • Cutting the Fat from your Budget
  • Calculating Your Housing Budget
  • Dealing with Debt
  • Staying Out of Debt
  • Coping with Taxes
  • Adapting Lifestyle to Paycheck

Controlling Spending

  • Managing Your Expenses
  • Evaluating a Purchase
  • Calculating the True Costs
  • Using Discounts and Coupons
  • Reacting to Advertising
  • Avoiding Scams and Fraud
  • Alternatives to Spending
  • Keeping Records
  • Using Technology
  • Financial Planning