A Lesson A Day

A Lesson A Day

Students can explore the relationship of math, English, science, social studies, communication and workplace ethics to a wide variety of careers.

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Lesson a Day in Careers

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Why A Lesson A Day?

A Lesson A Day can reduce class downtime by filling a few minutes with effective learning materials. By setting aside only 10 or 15 minutes, you can have students apply academic activities to real jobs. The career academic lessons in A Lesson A Day can be used when students finish assignments quickly, when you need to fill a few minutes, or when compiling materials for substitute teachers. A Lesson A Day is popular as a bell ringer, also.

A Lesson a Day is flexible and especially valuable for students with short attention spans. Lessons can be evaluated for a grade or as a project, and activities can be combined for longer time frames. All lessons are printable and reproducible.

Your students at the upper elementary and middle school levels will profit from A Lesson A Day, which can be used as an individualized learning effort on teacher-directed lesson.

A Lesson a Day comes in PDF on USB or online. Series I contains math, science, and technology activities. Series II contains English, Communication, Ethics, and Social Studies activities.

Your Choice

Lessons can be evaluated for a grade or used as a learning project only.

Substitute Ready

Substitutes can use A Lesson a Day to keep class tempo moving in the teacher's absence.

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Try free demo lessons straight from the program to see if A Lesson A Day is right for your students. View video content, sample real lesson materials, and assessment questions. Dive into the program and get the full experience.

Lesson a Day in Careers

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  • Flying High, Career: Massage Therapist
  • How Much Does One Pizza REALLY Cost?, Career: Restaurateur
  • I Quit!, Career: Machine Operator
  • Looking at the Lay of the Land, Career: Urban/Regional Planner
  • Dream Maker, Career: Landscaper
  • It’s All in the Planning, Career: Financial Planner
  • Gross Pay! Net Pay!, Career: All careers
  • There’s ‘No Way’ I Can Go to Work Today, Career: Administrative Assistant
  • How Much Is Needed?, Career: Cook
  • It’s in the Math, Career: Construction
  • Cleaning Up with a New Business, Career: Custodian
  • Stick to the Schedule, Career: Photographer
  • A Pinch of This and a Dash of That, Career: Chef
  • The Long Haul, Career: Truck Driver
  • Making Money, Career: Public Relations Specialist
  • Let’s Add Some Graphics to Those Flyers, Career: Desktop Publisher
  • Information Please, Career: Retail Customer Service
  • Slow Down!, Career: Police Officer
  • Sticky Fingers, Career: Retail Loss Prevention
  • Partners in Crime, Career: Security Guard
  • Newspaper Ad, Career: Media Buyer
  • How Much Will You Pay?, Career: Cosmetologist


  • Don’t Be a Mad Scientist, Career: Scientist
  • Knowing Hot from Cold and Wet from Dry, Career: Carpenter
  • Having a Bad Hydrogen Day?, Career: Hair Stylist
  • A Close-Knit Family, Career: All careers
  • What’s HAZMAT?, Career: HAZMAT Transporter
  • What’s Sugar Got to Do With It?, Career: Health Care Customer Service
  • Looking at the Lay of the Land, Career: Health Care Customer Service
  • Cough! Cough!, Career: All careers
  • Preserve, Protect and Defend the Environment, Career: All careers
  • Dangerous Desk, Career: All careers
  • Dirty Air, Career: HVAC Technician
  • Air Quality Equipment, Career: HVAC Technician
  • Cavity Chemistry, Career: Dental Hygienist
  • Move It, Career: Home Health Aide
  • Flying High, Career: Aircraft Pilot
  • Weighing In, Career: Physician Assistant
  • Let the Sun Shine, Career: Seed Grower
  • Hot Wheels, Career: Automotive Service Technician