CA Job Ready Career Skills User visits CSP staff at 2018 ACTE Vision Conference

San Antonio, TX, November 30, 2018 – Sonia Martin, work experience teacher at Wilson High School, Santa Clara USD, CA stopped by Career Solutions Publishing’s exhibit booth at the 2018 ACTE Vision Conference in San Antonio to say hello and spend time with Christopher Needles, technical support associate. Wilson High School has been a user of Career Solutions Publishing’s Job Ready Career Skills and Managing Your Money software since 2016, along with Wilcox High School and Santa Clara High School.

Ms. Martin commented on the career readiness value that Job Ready Career Skills and Managing Your Money bring to her students. “When I visit work sites and mention the curriculum, particularly Job Ready Career Skills, the supervisors enthusiastically support the teaching of soft skills.

They have told me they don’t have the time or personnel to train for the types of soft skills needed—how to work in groups, how to speak to a supervisor, interacting with customers, and time management, to mention a few. Managing Your Money teaches the essentials of what to do with your new-found-wealth! I especially appreciate the online gradebook in the programs!”

Ethan Robles, a Job Ready Career Skills student is shown in the photo below. Ethan uses his soft skills on the job at the AMC Theatre in the Mercado Center in Santa Clara.

The staff of Career Solutions Publishing looks forward to visiting with all teachers at the 2019 Vision Conference in Anaheim, CA on December 3-6.