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Doris Humphrey
President, Career Solutions Publishing

“Working at a Career Center, we are preparing students for the workforce, which includes not only their technical skills but soft skills and money management. The lessons in Job Ready Career Skills and Managing Your Money are user friendly and relevant to our students. I have been using this for an elective class I teach call Life Prep, and recently had two of our Medical Careers teachers ask to be added to the accounts because they felt the lessons would benefit their seniors. I have also had wonderful experiences with their customer service support, you will receive a prompt and helpful response anytime you reach out to them!"

Celia Crumine, Cosmetology Instructor
EHOVE Career Center
Milan, OH

January 2022

“My district purchased Job Ready Career Skills this year for me to use while teaching a course that I have never taught before. The customer service from Career Solutions Publishing has been AMAZING! Since the course and the software are new to me, I have had many questions. When I email this company, they typically respond to my questions and concerns within five minutes! I even had a concern regarding how the assessments were presented and they corrected the issue within five days. I have never experienced customer service like this before."

Jennifer Lee, Teacher
Rusk Junior High
Rusk, TX

November, 2021

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting my classes with setting up their password and making sure they can log in. Your patience and dedication are greatly appreciated. Career Solutions Publishing is certainly very fortunate to have you on its team. Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays."

Saida Bouzaher, WAT Teacher
Cedar Lane High School
Fairfax County Public Schools
Vienna, VA

December 2020

“Best to you today. I look forward to sharing with my students your Career Solutions release today. It is an informative resource and one of the best pieces published by Career Solutions. I share with my students the importance of mastering their soft skills and your publication confirms my communication. Thank you."

Theresa Malone, Teacher
McClure Women's Correctional Center
Las Vegas, NV

November, 2020

“When this lockdown began, I found myself in quite a predicament.  I teach four classes of “Microsoft Concepts” this semester, and students did not have their own books to take home to use for instruction.  I was worried, but then your company’s e-mail came my way with the opportunity to use e-books for my classes generously donated by Career Solutions.  It was a godsend, to say the least!

Thank you so much for offering your catalog to me and for helping a frazzled teacher feel in charge again!  I truly appreciate it."

Anita Imschweiler, Business Teacher
Blue Mountain High School
Blue Mountain School District
Schuylkill Haven, PA

June, 2020

“In a time of stress and uncertainty, I was so grateful to see that Career Solutions was providing complimentary resources to educators navigating a new realm of teaching. The materials are ready to use and reinforce skills needed in life beyond graduation for my students."

Helen Phillips, Teacher
Pottstown High School
Pottstown, PA

May, 2020

“The Youth Success Academy has been using Job Ready Career Skills for a few years now. It is a great curriculum for us to utilize in the classroom with our students about getting and keeping a job. Now that we are having to make adjustments due to COVID-19 of going strictly on-line it is really important for us to see the amount of time that students are spending on lessons and on the pre-test and post test. CSP had added the lesson activity time a while back and they worked hard to add showing how much time the students spend doing the pre-and post test. Now we can account for all the time they are working."

LaRae Evans, Instructional Aide
Georgia Northwestern Technical College
WIOA Youth Success Academy
Rome, GA

May, 2020

"Hi Doris, I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for all of the support you have provided my folks as we have shifted towards virtual learning because of COVID-19. Today was my first day back, and when I met with my team, they could not say enough about how helpful and supportive you all have been, so I wanted to email you with a thank you!"

Marianna Sartin, High School Program Specialist - Exceptional Children
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Charlotte, NC

April, 2020

“It's been a true blessing to have this program during Digital Learning Days!"

Dr. Alicia Brown, Business and Computer Science Teacher/Work Based Learning Coordinator
Adairsville High School
Bartow County School System
Adairsville, GA

March, 2020

“I first came across Career Solutions Headlines 15 years ago. They had sent me a free weekly mini lesson, covering a wide array of career related topics. I always found it engaging for student conversation, relevant to today’s trends and very relatable. Since then, I transitioned to two other positions in Career Services and keep it as my “go-to” for soft skills and the like. I am now using their Competitive Advantage online product with the adult population in the trades and am very happy with results.

I give the staff, customer support and their products a 5 star rating

Lisa Alessandrino, Career Services Educator
Bergen County Technical Schools
Adult and Continuing Education
Hackensack, NJ

October, 2019

“The Job Ready Career Skills curriculum has been an excellent addition to our campus the past two years. It has helped to get our school focused on career readiness skills throughout the entire year by infusing the modules into our regular instructional programs. Teachers and students have found it easy to use and the customer service skills of the Career Solutions Publishing team is second to none.”

Brian Miller, Principal
Regional Occupational Center
Kern High School District
Bakersfield, CA

March, 2019

“When I visit work sites and mention the Career Solutions Publishing curriculum, particularly Job Ready Career Skills, supervisors enthusiastically support the teaching of soft skills. They have told me they don't have the time or personnel to train for the types of soft skills needed —how to work in groups, how to speak to a supervisor, interacting with customers, and time management, to mention a few. Managing Your Money teaches the essentials of what to do with your new-found-wealth! I especially appreciate the online gradebook in the programs! When I contact CSP for technical support, I always get personal attention and most requests are handled immediately.”

Sonia Martin, Work Experience Teacher
Wilson High School
Santa Clara USD
Santa Clara, CA

February, 2019

"The Y.A.L.E. Schools in the South Jersey area has partnered with Career Solutions Publishing for the past 4 years to integrate and implement programs designed to prepare students to transition into the adult world. Consequently, our students benefit with relevant lesson content and engaging activities that allow for individualized or group instruction. We are really impressed with the level of commitment and support provided by their customer service and technical staff."

Belinda Jenkins, Transition & School to Work Coordinator
Y.A.L.E. Schools
Cherry Hill, NJ

June, 2018

“I would like to start by saying I have really enjoyed using the program Managing Your Money. It was a very interesting and informative program that the students were able to understand and use. I also incorporated Job Ready Career Skills with some of my students and they benefited from the information provided.”

Christine McCammond, Teacher
Every Child's Hope
St. Louis, MO

June, 2017

"I am retiring at the end of this school year, so I am passing information about Job Ready Career Skills and Managing Your Money on to teachers who may want to use the programs next school year. I found them very useful, and they definitely went along with the curriculum I taught."

Paulette Johnson, Business Education Teacher
Clarke Central High School
Athens, GA

May, 2017

"Enterprise High School is a charter school in Clearwater, Florida. We have been utilizing the Career Solutions Publishing Job Ready Career Skills course since June 2012. We believe that the information in this course is so essential for students to learn that we require this class for graduation. The online course is both student and teacher friendly. It is easily customized. Students say that they actually enjoy the course and feel it is valuable. The customer service and technical support are exceptional. There is rarely a problem; but if one should arise, it is solved generally within hours (if not minutes). I highly recommend the Job Ready Career Skills course."

Hillary Hart, Vocational Specialist
Enterprise High School
Clearwater, FL

April, 2017

"I would like to thank Career Solutions Publishing for developing their web-based applications. They have been most welcome add-ins to our Career and Technical Center's curriculum. These programs include training on the soft skills and characteristics employers have identified as important to success in the workplace (punctuality, a work ethic, effective communication, self-discipline, and organizational skills). Additionally, Dr. Doris Humphrey and her support/technical staff are second to none. Although there have been no technical issues with the programs whatsoever, Career Solutions Publishing has proven to be especially helpful when students need to be moved from class to class or when asked to add instructional staff to the user group. It was because of Dr. Doris Humphrey, her staff, and the flawless operation of Job Ready Career Skills on the Web (something refreshing when it comes to education-based software) that we will continue to use their new editions and have purchased additional products. I believe in Career Solutions Publishing products and believe they are a worthwhile investment."

Robert Lacivitia, Administrator
North Montco Technical Career Center
Lansdale, PA

February, 2017

"The excellent service I have received from Career Solutions Publishing the last two years affirms that I made the right selection for class resources when I purchased Job Ready Career Skills and Managing Your Money!"

Caroline Tassone, Business Education Teacher
Waynesboro Area High School
Waynesboro, PA

August, 2016

"Outstanding! I appreciate the great customer service from Career Solutions Publishing!"

Doug Wheeler, Career Based Intervention
Barberton High School
Barberton, OH

June, 2016