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Career Solutions Publishing is dedicated to helping teachers and administrators meet the needs of their students. We’re focused on creating dynamic products in ways that engage students and teach them the skills they need to achieve their goals. Customer service is our biggest priority and we love to help our customers.

That’s why when we get a little love from our customers it makes us so happy!

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Outstanding! I appreciate the great customer service from Career Solutions Publishing!

Doug Wheeler, Barberton High School

The excellent service I have received from Career Solutions Publishing the last two years affirms that I made the right selection for class resources when I purchased Job Ready Career Skills and Managing Your Money!

Caroline Tassone,, Waynesboro Area High School

I would like to thank Career Solutions Publishing for developing their web-based applications. They have been most welcome add-ins to our Career and Technical Center’s curriculum.

Robert Lacivitia, North Montco Technical Career Center

The online course is both student and teacher friendly. It is easily customized. Students say that they actually enjoy the course and feel it is valuable. The customer service and technical support are exceptional.

Hillary Hart, Enterprise High School

I am retiring at the end of this school year, so I am passing information about Job Ready Career Skills and Managing Your Money on to teachers who may want to use the programs next school year. I found them very useful, and they definitely went along with the curriculum I taught.

Paulette Johnson, Clarke Central High School

I would like to start by saying I have really enjoyed using the program Managing Your Money. It was a very interesting and informative program that the students were able to understand and use. I also incorporated Job Ready Career Skills with some of my students and they benefited from the information provided.

Christine McCammond, Every Child's Hope

Our students benefit with relevant lesson content and engaging activities that allow for individualized or group instruction. We are really impressed with the level of commitment and support provided by their customer service and technical staff.

Belinda Jenkins, Y.A.L.E. Schools

When I visit work sites and mention the Career Solutions Publishing curriculum, particularly Job Ready Career Skills, supervisors enthusiastically support the teaching of soft skills. They have told me they don’t have the time or personnel to train for the types of soft skills needed

Sonia Martin, Santa Clara USD

The Job Ready Career Skills curriculum has been an excellent addition to our campus the past two years. Teachers and students have found it easy to use and the customer service skills of the Career Solutions Publishing team is second to none.

Brian Miller, Kern High School District

I first came across Career Solutions Headlines 15 years ago. They had sent me a free weekly mini lesson, covering a wide array of career related topics. I always found it engaging for student conversation, relevant to today’s trends and very relatable.

Lisa Alessandrino, Bergen County Technical Schools

It’s been a true blessing to have this program during Digital Learning Days!

Dr. Alicia Brown, Bartow County School System

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for all of the support you have provided my folks as we have shifted towards virtual learning because of COVID-19. Today was my first day back, and when I met with my team, they could not say enough about how helpful and supportive you all have been

Marianna Sartin, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

I look forward to sharing with my students your Career Solutions release today. It is an informative resource and one of the best pieces published by Career Solutions.

Theresa Malone, McClure Women's Correctional Center

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting my classes with setting up their password and making sure they can log in. … Read More

Saida Bouzaher, Fairfax County Public Schools

The Youth Success Academy has been using Job Ready Career Skills for a few years now. It is a great curriculum for us to utilize in the classroom with our students about getting and keeping a job.

LaRae Evans, Georgia Northwestern Technical College

In a time of stress and uncertainty, I was so grateful to see that Career Solutions was providing complimentary resources to educators navigating a new realm of teaching. The materials are ready to use and reinforce skills needed in life beyond graduation for my students.

Helen Phillips, Pottstown School District

“When this lockdown began, I found myself in quite a predicament. I teach four classes of “Microsoft Concepts” this semester, and students did not have … Read More

Anita Imschweiler, Blue Mountain School District

My district purchased Job Ready Career Skills this year for me to use while teaching a course that I have never taught before. The customer service from Career Solutions Publishing has been AMAZING!

Jennifer Lee, Rusk Independent School District

The lessons in Job Ready Career Skills and Managing Your Money are user-friendly and relevant to our students. Recently two of our Medical Careers teachers asked to be added to the accounts because they felt the lessons would benefit their seniors. 

Celia Crumine, EHOVE Career Center