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Expand your professional career skills by combining several Quick Skills eBooks into your own customized learning plan.

Entrepreneurship Skills

Entrepreneurship occurs from cyberspace to the corner deli and is the leading force in today's business world, propelling the U.S. economy in new directions and creating the majority of new jobs. To be ready for today's entrepreneurial environment, you will learn how to prepare to start, or work, in a small business.

Entrepreneurship Quick Skills

Customer Service

Putting the customer first is the basis for keeping current customers and enticing new ones to use your company's products or services. Giving customers what they want, increasing customer loyalty, and eliminating customer dissatisfaction is the focus of this eBook.

Customer Service Quick Skills

Skills for the First-Time Supervisor

New supervisors face similar challenges. While used to being responsible for their own efforts, they often feel nervous about being judged by the work of those under their supervision. This quick, preparatory course focuses on key concepts and abilities.

Quick Skills for the first-time Supervisor

What Your Employer Expects

Starting out strong is important for any newly-hired employee, and enhancing your skills, behaviors, and attitudes that employers ant is the key to long-term success. You will learn strategies and receive recommendations and guidelines to assist in this process.

Quick Skills What Your Employer Expects

Handling Conflict

Understanding why conflict arises and how to better manage it is a skill that can be learned; however, the process requires understanding oneself and others. With this eBook, you will cultivate the skills necessary for handling conflict in an effective and constructive manner.

Quick Skills Handling Conflict
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