Quick Skills

Each title in the Quick Skills Series can be used as an individual learning tool in which learners work on their own, or in a directed learning setting with an instructor. You can expand your students’ career skills by combining several Quick Skills titles into a customized learning plan designed specifically for your classes. The short, 100-page Interactive E-Textbooks are effective as basic texts or as supplements to other materials.

What Your Employer Expects

Learning the basic expectations that exist for all jobs—the “Must Haves” for every employee, from the newest hire to the CEO—is the focus of this Quick Skills book. New employees should feel excited about the opportunities ahead if only they could stop the stomach butterflies from fluttering! Learning exactly what employers want you to know and be able to do can halt those butterflies.

No matter the job title or years of previous experience employers want their new employees to jump right in and get to work. The goal is to meet expectations, beginning the first day of work.

Each workshop/chapter of What Your Employer Expects includes an opening story, specific guidelines for what employers expect of their employees, several critical thinking and problem solving activities, a wrap-up of key points and related websites. A Facilitator/Instructor Guide accompanies What Your Employer Expects and each of the other Quick Skills books.