Quick Skills

The Quick Skills Series of print and online resources meets the single-topic training needs of school courses and professional development for adults.

Each title in the Quick Skills Series can be used as an individual learning tool, in which learners work or their own, or for directed learning by an instructor. You can expand your students’ career skills by combining several Quick Skills titles into a customized learning plan designed specifically for your group. The short, 100-page print and ebooks can be used effectively as a basic text for limited time frames or as a supplement to other materials.

Skills for the First Time Supervisor

New supervisors face similar challenges. They know how to do the work themselves, but they struggle to convey that knowledge to others. While used to being responsible for their own efforts, they often feel anxious about being judged by the work of those under their supervision. As a result, they may be too soft on employees, or, conversely, too hard. They may make premature decisions or procrastinate when faced with a tough decision. In the rush of events, they often fail to do adequate planning.

In today’s fast-paced, technology-oriented organizations, new supervisors need to be effective from Day One. Skills for the First-Time Supervisor focuses on key concepts and abilities that are basic in any supervisory position in any career pathway.

Each workshop/chapter of Skills for the First-Time Supervisor includes an opening story, specific guidelines for providing excellent customer service, several critical thinking and problem solving activities, a wrap-up of key points and related websites. A Facilitator/Instructor Guide accompanies Skills for the First-Time Supervisor and each of the other Quick Skills books.