Integrated Careers and Academics

“I can’t just open a book, read something, and understand it. I need to try out what I read. People say I’m smart, but, in school, I couldn’t see how the words related to anything I knew or cared about. That’s what I like about Hands on Academics for Careers. It gives me a taste of how I will use academics in my career.” A Hands on Academics for Careers student

Students often make excellent grades in school academic courses, but have difficulty applying their academic skills when they begin work. Whether yours is a STEM program, an academic course, or a traditional career and technical education program, your students must be able to transfer the academics that earned them a grade to the academics demanded on the job.

On the Job Writing

On the Job Writing is designed for students to learn and practice writing skills that meet workplace requirements for daily communication. With employers identifying writing as one of the greatest weaknesses of new hires, On the Job Writing provides basic career writing guidance and activities in an easy-to-understand manner. Every student, even those who earn excellent grades for essay and report writing, can profit by adding this career writing element to their list of job readiness skills.

Two, 20-lesson versions of On the Job Writing are available and can be purchased as an annual site license online or on a USB drive.