Integrated Careers and Academics

“I can’t just open a book, read something, and understand it. I need to try out what I read. People say I’m smart, but, in school, I couldn’t see how the words related to anything I knew or cared about. That’s what I like about Hands on Academics for Careers. It gives me a taste of how I will use academics in my career.” A Hands on Academics for Careers student

Students often make excellent grades in school academic courses, but have difficulty applying their academic skills when they begin work. Whether yours is a STEM program, an academic course, or a traditional career and technical education program, your students must be able to transfer the academics that earned them a grade to the academics demanded on the job.

Hands on Academics for Careers

on job trainingHands on Academics for Careers is excellent for students who learn best by applying their knowledge to real work situations. This program consists of 68 engaging modules that integrate career information in 16 pathways with relevant math, English, science, social studies, critical thinking, problem solving and workplace politics activities, plus a challenge activity and many related websites

Each lesson comes with abundant activities, a brief vocabulary, pre- and post-test option, and an assessment after every lesson so you can measure each student’s understanding of the material. Preparation is teacher-friendly.

Try an interactive, Hands on Academics for Careers lesson for yourself, and you will appreciate the creative way this program uses stories, applied activities, pre- and post-tests, end-of-lesson assessments, cartoons, an advice column, and a blog to motivate students. You can use Hands on Academics for Careers as an individualized learning experience or as a teacher-directed activity. Hands on Academics for Careers Ed 2 with The Teacher’s Desktop is available online.

The Teacher’s Desktop

When you use the online version of Hands on Academics for Careers with The Teacher’s Desktop, your time-consuming tasks will be greatly reduced by these shortcuts. You may request a 10-day trial version of Hands on Academics for Careers with The Teacher's Desktop by contacting us.

  • Roster and grade book for each of your classes
  • Ability to select required and optional lessons
  • Assessment scores by student, lesson, and series
  • Ability to create pre- and post-tests from provided questions
  • Minimum score setting
  • Simple score reporting
  • Student time tracking