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Why Job Ready Career Skills?

Soft skills, or employability skills, have become the hard skills of today’s workforce. Research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center concluded that 85% of job success comes from having well-developed soft skills, and only 15% of job success comes from technical skills and knowledge. Yet, employers say that applicants are unprepared for work because of their lack of these soft, employability skill. 

Job Ready Career Skills educates your students in the essential soft skills. After completion students will be more confident in soft skills that are vital for workplace success. 

5 categories | 25 topics | 250 lessons | 2 videos per topic, assessment, pre- and post-tests. Job Ready Career Skills presents topics and lessons in a manner that is easy for students to understand and retain.

Job Ready Career Skills features Pre- and Post-tests, a bonus activity per lesson. Students are incentivized along the way with trophies for exceptional performance.

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Lesson Titles

5 Categories | 25 Topics | 250 Lessons | 10 Videos | Assessments

Work Place Ethics

  • Demonstrating Good Work Ethic
  • Behaving Appropriately
  • Maintaining Honesty
  • Playing Fair
  • Using Ethical Language
  • Showing Responsibility
  • Reducing Harassment
  • Respecting Diversity
  • Making Truthfulness a Habit
  • Leaving a Job Ethically

Personal Characteristics

  • Demonstrating a Good Attitude
  • Gaining and Showing Respect
  • Demonstrating Responsibility
  • Showing Dependability
  • Being Courteous
  • Showing Pride in Work
  • Gaining Coworkers’ Trust
  • Persevering
  • Handling Criticism 
  • Showing Professionalism

Emotional Intelligence

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal Benefits of Emotional Intelligence
  • Career Benefits of Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
  • Improving Self-Awareness
  • Improving Self-Regulation
  • Improving Self-Motivation
  • Improving Empathy
  • Improving Social Skills through Empathy
  • Effects of EI in the Workplace

    Customer Service

    • Gaining Customer Trust
    • Interacting with Customers
    • Learning What Customers Want
    • Giving Customers What They Want
    • Keeping Customers Coming Back
    • Seeing the Customer’s Point
    • Selling Yourself and the Company
    • Handling Customer Complaints
    • Customer Service by Telephone
    • Customer Service by Internet

        Problem Solving

        • Becoming a Problem Solver
        • Identifying a Problem Teamwork
        • Becoming a Critical Thinker
        • Thinking Creatively
        • Effective Risk Taking
        • Holding Yourself Accountable
        • Managing Change
        • Removing Barriers to Change
        • Making Change Serve You
        • Dealing with Ongoing Change 


        • Teamwork Skills
        • Reasons Companies Use Teams
        • Decisions Teams Make
        • Team Responsibilities
        • Problems That Affect Teams
        • Building Team Communication
        • Expressing Yourself on a Team
        • Giving Constructive Criticism
        • Receiving Criticism
        • Team Problem Solving

        Time Management

        • Managing Time
        • Putting First Things First
        • Juggling Many Priorities
        • Overcoming Procrastination
        • Dealing with Information Overload
        • Organizing Workspace and Tasks
        • Staying Organized
        • Finding More Time
        • Managing Projects
        • Prioritizing Personal and Work Life


        • Qualities of a Good Leader
        • Leadership Style
        • Developing Employees
        • Goals and Planning
        • Organizing Work
        • Controlling the Work
        • Decision Making
        • Dealing with Conflict
        • Dealing with Diversity
        • Leading People Older Than Yourself

        Virtual and Hybrid Work

        • Virtual, Hybrid and Centralized Work
        • Preparing for Virtual or Hybrid Work
        • Communication in Virtual Work
        • Setting Up a Virtual Workspace
        • Challenges of Virtual Work
        • Challenges of Hybrid Work
        • Succeeding in Virtual or Hybrid Work
        • Health Challenges of Virtual Work
        • Leading a Virtual Meeting
        • The Employer’s Perspective on Virtual & Hybrid Work

        On-the-Job Etiquette

        • Using Professional Manners
        • Introducing People
        • Language and Behavior
        • Business Casual Dress
        • Business Meal Functions
        • Behavior at Work Parties
        • Behavior at Conventions
        • International Etiquette
        • Cross-Cultural Etiquette
        • Working in a Cubical

        Person to Person Etiquette

        • Meeting Business Acquaintances
        • Meeting People for the First Time
        • Showing Politeness
        • Interacting with Your Boss
        • Interacting with Coworkers
        • Interacting with Suppliers
        • Ending a Lingering Visit
        • Keeping Information Confidential
        • Avoiding Gossip

        Telephone and Email Etiquette

        • Creating a Good Impression
        • Better Telephone Conversations
        • Barriers to Phone Conversations
        • Making and Returning Calls
        • Keeping Phone Calls Professional
        • Making Cold Calls
        • Handling Conference Calls
        • Handling Unsolicited Calls

        • Communicating at Work
        • Listening
        • Nonverbal Communication
        • Presenting Yourself
        • Speaking

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