Life and Careers

Most students haven’t lived long enough to understand the intricate connection between life satisfaction, career success and decisions made during their school years. By awakening to the life issues that can occur for each person and recognizing the importance of choosing a career field that fits their personal preferences, your students will be able to identify what they can do now that will lead to future success.

Connecting Life and Careers

teacher and students in classroomConnecting Life and Careers is excellent for younger students, transition courses, discovery units, or any setting where the life-career connection needs to be emphasized. The 12 lessons deal with real-life topics that many students have not considered because of their youth and inexperience. By completing the lessons, students will leave your classroom with knowledge to guide them during their remaining school years and beyond.

The 5-8 page lessons of Connecting Life and Careers consist of interesting, appealing stories of typical young people and are accompanied by critical thinking activities that help students understand the opportunities and mistakes that can detour their life and career.