Integrated Careers and Academics

“I can’t just open a book, read something, and understand it. I need to try out what I read. People say I’m smart, but, in school, I couldn’t see how the words related to anything I knew or cared about. That’s what I like about Hands on Academics. It gives me a taste of how I will use academics in my career.” A Hands on Academics student

Students often make excellent grades in school academic courses, but have difficulty applying their academic skills when they begin work. Whether yours is a STEM program, an academic course, or a traditional career and technical education program, your students must be able to transfer the academics that earned them a grade to the academics demanded on the job.

Career Launcher

teacher helping student Career Launcher – The Integrated Career Pathways Curriculum introduces students to 300 careers across 16 clusters and provides four short academic activities for each career—a total of 1200 academic activities. Students can practice the English, math, science, and technology knowledge they’ll need on the job, while also learning about the type of work required. Career Launcher highlights traditional and emerging careers and “Bright Outlook” and “Green” careers that require varying levels of education.

The program can be navigated in three ways: by career pathways, by academic subjects, and by levels of education. Your students at the middle school and early high school levels will be motivated by Career Launcher.