Integrated Careers and Academics

“I can’t just open a book, read something, and understand it. I need to try out what I read. People say I’m smart, but, in school, I couldn’t see how the words related to anything I knew or cared about. That’s what I like about Hands on Academics. It gives me a taste of how I will use academics in my career.” A Hands on Academics student

Students often make excellent grades in school academic courses, but have difficulty applying their academic skills when they begin work. Whether yours is a STEM program, an academic course, or a traditional career and technical education program, your students must be able to transfer the academics that earned them a grade to the academics demanded on the job.

A Lesson A Day

kids learning on tabletsA Lesson A Day can reduce class downtime by filling a few minutes with effective learning materials. By setting aside only 10 or 15 minutes, you can have students apply academic activities to real jobs. The career academic lessons in A Lesson A Day can be used when students finish assignments quickly, when you need to fill a few minutes, or when compiling materials for substitute teachers. A Lesson A Day is popular as a bell ringer, also.

A Lesson a Day is flexible and especially valuable for students with short attention spans. Lessons can be evaluated for a grade or as a project, and activities can be combined for longer time frames. All lessons are printable and reproducible.

Your students at the upper elementary and middle school levels will profit from A Lesson A Day, which can be used as an individualized learning effort on teacher-directed lesson.

A Lesson a Day comes in PDF on USB or online. Series I contains math, science, and technology activities. Series II contains English, Communication, Ethics, and Social Studies activities.